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There are no secrets to success. This is achieved preparation, hard work and learning from failure.
Sir Francis Bacon

The requirement for success is the speed in decision-making.
Colin Powell 

Depends on you

Expressions like these, assign powers somewhat exaggerated by lot, while removed from our shoulders a responsibility that, for many people, although too often: personal responsibility for our own success and happiness.

In general there are two well-marked positions on the matter. There are individuals who, dogmatically declare that the words' luck 'and' triumph 'have no place in the same sentence. They claim to use as a personal motto that famous sentence, which reads: 'I do believe in luck, the more work, the more luck I have. "Wishing say that the source of success is hard work and not luck
What luck?
On the other hand, there are those-perhaps to justify their mediocrity or trying to rationalize his failure-argue that the fate is the only thing that determines the success of individuals. They believe that in life there are some lucky ones who were born with a good star, while the vast majority, unfortunately, are born without it.

This position, however, has very little of substance and a lot of convenience. What better to blame for our failures to destination. He is not there to defend themselves.

Here is the philosophy of the person mediocre: to be concerned both by setting targets, if total, which is for one to one, and if we do not achieve anything, because that was not for us and certainly not desirable, or maybe ... Was our bad luck.
Anyone who wishes to blame fate for their misfortunes, you can be sure of two things, you will find an excuse to meet and find allies that share. However, the biggest problem to bring to the external circumstances, as responsible for our failures, is that doing so does not solve the problems, and certainly not lead us closer to achieving our goals.

A lack of luck is one of the most common excuses among failed. But, as with any excuse, it does not produce real solutions, and usually only serves to reassure the person who is giving.
So, is there any relationship between luck and success? Let me share something read the great writer Norman Vincent Peale about it:''The lucky-he said-is the crossroads where the search is the opportunity''. In other words, for the lucky there must be two basic elements at the same time: the search and opportunity.

The good news is that each of us has the ability to match these two elements.

On the one hand, we must maintain a state of constant search for anything that will help us to succeed, and secondly, we should take care to create opportunities that will bring us closer to achieving our goals. This is a strong and the fate lies in your hands.
Camilo Cruz, Ph.D.
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